ANA Umpire information
Umpire information - we are updating our files with ANA umpire information while things around the courts are quiet. All ANA umpires (Senior & Junior) we would love to make sure your contact details are up to date - please email details (Name, mobile, email address) to:
AGM scheduled October 28th via ZOOM
AGM October 28th via ZOOM - 
Refund on 2020 VNA
For hardship reasons - please contact NV for a refund of your 2020 VNA membership.
Best & Fairest Summer 2019/2020
Congratulations to the following players who were voted Best & Fairest by the umpires for the Summer 2019/2020 season.   17&U/1: 1st:  Torie Skrjel - LNC Vortex, 2nd:  Isobel Robertson - VU Vultures A, 3rd: Daisy Williams - WJ Rips 17&U/2: 1st: Nina Unsworth - BS Jellyfish, 2nd: Romina Barbuto - PC Rebels, 3rd: Holley Pendleton - PC Rebels 17&U/3: 1st: Fynlay Dams - SL Wildcats, 2nd: Jessie Hazledine Onno - NP Vixens, 3rd: Tessa Menjivar - SL Wildcats   15&am...